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THEOLOGI is contemporary continuing education for clergy and lay leadership teams.



45-min long intensive learning sessions on contemporary ministry leadership topics


Description: Besides the typical Member-centric model of ministry, there are many others. But, what is most appropriate for the era of digital, diversity, and the dreams of the community is a “Maker-centric” model of ministry.

For: Church Councils / Staff Parish Relations / Church Planters / Young People’s Ministers

Cost: $85 for one person / $55 for two or more persons

Description: Until now, ministry mainly took place inside a building. Sometimes, it happened at coffee shops, restaurants, and over phone calls. Today, it is happening on social media. How? And, what are the ideas behind that to make it a genuine ministry?

For: Young People’s Ministers / Church Social Media Person

Cost: $85 for one person / $55 for two or more persons

Description: The “Black Church,” is not monolithic – made up of a great diversity of people and purpose. Still, there are commonalities as to how move beyond being a home for civil rights leaders or a means to teach faith to grandchildren. What would it take for the Black Church to move into post-modern realities?

For: Pastors and Leaders in Ministry with Black People / Denominational Leaders

Cost: $85 for one person / $55 for two or more persons

Description: Most of the time, “multi-ethnic” means the dominance of one group with few minorities. But, how can a new church start with diversity from the beginning? What does the path to a sustainable multi-ethnic congregation look like?

For: Church Planters / Denominational Leaders

Cost: $85 for one person / $55 for two or more persons


Key moments in ministry when we help the most

One of our committees needs an orientation on digital / online ministry to get more comfortable making decisions on how to do more of that.


Besides reading books or assessments, how can our clergy and lay leadership see diversity as a requirement from the start and an ongoing value?


People want their life to make a meaningful difference with their life, but they do not usually see Church as the way. How can we understand them better to meet them where they are?


        How it Works

        What makes us the right solution for many churches

        1. Consultation

        We listen to your situation and the goals that you want to achieve. What we are listening for is your ministry’s cultural awareness, digital skills, and organizational efficiency.

        2. Prescription

        Based on what you share with us, we provide a prescription for continuing education that we think could get your ministry to achieving your goals.

        3. Co-generation

        Together, we get started on an initial plan. But, when the team shows more interest and promise on certain areas, we focus and build capacity there.


        Sophia Agtarap

        • Social Media Design
        • Content Development
        • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

        James J. Kang

        • Intra-committee Conflict
        • Regional Innovation Strategies

        Rev. Dr. Charles Dorsey

        • Non-profit Management
        • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

        Start Today - for Tomorrow

        The Church of the next decade must look, act, and want differently than that of the past one, except for one thing: your courage to lead with bold decisions.